Manual Lymphatic Drainage

This treatment is an extremely gentle, rhythmic massage completely different from traditional massage. It enables the body to remove metabolic waste, excess water and toxins through the lymph vessels.  Most people have sluggish lymphatic systems due to processed foods in our diet, not enough water intake and a lack of exercise. This can lead to more toxins and metabolic waste in the body leading to a lack of energy.
Therefore Manual Lymphatic Drainage optimises the functioning of the lymphatic system which is also an important part of the immune system.
The Benefits:
Anyone can benefit from Manual Lymphatic Drainage as it is a treatment that detoxifies, increases energy and builds immunity.
It is particularly effective in treating:
-Sinus congestion
-Digestive disorders
-Before and after surgery, particularly mastectomy.
During and After Treatment
During the treatment many clients will fall asleep or enter a highly relaxed state because of the slow, gentle techniques. Straight after the treatment the client will usually feel quite tired, experiencing more energy and vitality in the following days after a treatment.