January 2016

Carole travels extensively to learn various disciplines and update her knowledge from the East… This year she finds herself travelling to Southeast Asia to learn Thai Yoga massage at The Sunshine School of Massage in Chiang Mai. Carole chose to stay just out side Chiang Mai and cycle to school every day making her way across busy roads with a story to tell her fellow students of her early morning escapades with dogs chasing her feet as she pedals, to locals waving through the villages, avoiding the challenging potholes and drains on the roads to stopping to get a freshly squeezed orange juice every morning to meeting lovely locals who took her to various restaurants/night markets and the unforgettable Umbrella village ... she studied with a Yan a Thai Yoga Master. Carole found this extremely intense and challenging... only because she chose to stay 15 miles outside Chiang Mai and had every intention after school that she would travel back to her Airbnb accommodation and study. However, this was not the case: In the evenings she ended up in Chiang Mai‘s night market in the old walled town … You would find Carole talking with the locals and making friends with fellow travellers and either doing a Thai cooking workshop, Finding the infamous Buddha bar visiting Tailors to get her uniform made in chakra colours or taking a hair raising ride in a Tuk-Tuk. At the weekend she volunteered on an elephant sanctuary in the mountains outside Chiang Mai

So as you can see studying was very difficult: when she would get back to her accommodation she would sit in bed and study and wake up in the morning with her Thai yoga manual over her face! Getting up before sunrise and showering in cold water and leaving in the dark she would make her way back to school for early morning prayers before she continued her education. Carole is proud to have studied Thai Yoga massage with the best master in Chiang Mai and now brings this discipline into her treatments