Hello, my name is Carole, founder of Touching lives some 20+ years ago.

I tried really hard at school and found studying difficult however I always had big dreams and frequently at parents meetings my mum was told “ Carole spends a lot of time daydreaming out of the classroom window” In 1980 I found myself working for Western Geophysical company of America in Isleworth a very large oil exploration company just along the road from my secondary school Gumley House.

In 1984 I decided to change career path from being a directors PA in the oil industry and train to become an aerobic dance instructor.


Carole Barnes

Before health clubs and fitness centres were ‘all the rage’ I taught in schools bringing health and fitness to children and adults alike and OFSTED checked In one particular school in Twickenham as outstanding! Back in those days people didn’t even know what aerobics was - they thought it had something to do with aeroplanes!

Being a mother of four boys and whilst pregnant with my fourth child In 1999 I decided to retrain in a lifelong passion of holistic health. With my sound knowledge of biomechanics and how the body works I studied for an ITEC diploma in Anatomy Physiology & Massage. I am passionate to help alleviate stress, tension and muscular aches and pains through various massage techniques including neuromuscular work, deep tissue, therapeutic aromatherapy, and reflexology.

I am a member of the following Guilds:

  • The Guild of complimentary practitioners (GCP)
  • Association of Reflexologists (AOR)
  • The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM)
  • The Complimentary Therapists Health Association (CtHA)

I take time out each year to expand my knowledge in various disciplines which allows me to incorporate these acquired skills into my treatments.
I would describe myself as a holistic health and well-being practitioner working towards balancing the natural energy within the body. I work at various clinics including here at Touching Lives Clinic in Hampton

I specialise in preconception reflexology, pregnancy massage and postnatal care, following through to facilitating baby massage courses either at the clinic, one-to-one, or on-line tutorials for new parents . I offer Toddler massage too !

Facials and Ayuverdic facial rejuvenation massage are a very popular treatment at Touching Lives. Using the best organic products sourced around the world (mainly from India) your skin will feel nourished and refreshed and using special Indian face massage techniques those wrinkles ( if you have any) will gradually reduce!

I hold regular mother and daughter facial experiences on-line at the weekend- we make our own cleanser from porridge oats , we make our own exfoliator and for the facemask we use avocados banana honey, and even egg and Tumeric- pure products for your skin... and what fun we all have - Learning facial yoga exercises together with a guided meditation - a perfect mum and daughter time together

Over the years Touching lives has grown to offer bespoke spa day experiences for corporate groups, or a few friends, a couple or down time for the individual.

Soak in the hot tub with organic elderflower cordial or cucumber water choose from a selection of 30 or 45 or 60 minute treatments. Light refreshments with a platter of fruit, luxurious gowns and towels can be provided as may food of your choice be prepared for you by chef Ben Moxon or award-winning chef Adam Lestrelle. Alternatively you may wish to bring your own nibbles !

Over the years, through having a hot tub my friends have asked if their children can have their birthday party in the my garden.... this has then lead on to bigger and better things whereby now I hold Childrens Wellbeing Birthday Party experiences in conjunction with Tina Moxon from Lotus and laurel yoga Teddington- click the Childrens Wellbeing birthday party button for more information

This where my day-dreaming has become a reality… I thank you for being part of my dream and reading this far and for the clients I treat now thank you for being on this journey with me and living my dream!

I hope you enjoy browsing the website and look forward to welcoming you to Touching Lives