Pregnancy Massages


Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

Benefits of Pregnancy Massage
Morning sickness, achy hips, stretch marks and the itchy breasts experienced during pregnancy can all be helped by receiving massage. It can also help with the emotional preparation for giving birth. Treatments can help to soothe the extra strains placed upon a woman’s body during pregnancy, strengthening the body, reducing fluid retention and easing aches and pains.

60 mins. £55

Sole Food

A treat for the feet! The treatment starts with warm foot soak and an exfoliating scrub, a lower leg massage easing tight calf muscles and ending with a foot massage. This treatment is perfect for pregnant ladies with achy or puffy feet that are unaccustomed to carrying around that bump.

Duration: 30 minutes. £32

Precious Vessel

A one-hour massage, focusing on all the areas which need attention during your pregnancy. Starting with the back, including a face massage and ending on the feet to include some reflexology pressure points. All stages of pregnancy catered for.

Duration: 60 minutes. £55

Beautiful Bump

A half hour massage, focusing on the areas which most need attention in heavily pregnant mummies. This time frame is recommended during the third trimester.

Duration: 30 minutes. £35